Struthiopteris eburnea (Christ) Ching
  • Sunyatsenia

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Rhizome erect and short, or ascending and long, densely scaly; scales brown, lanceolate, 5-6 mm, thickly membranous, margin entire or with few teeth, apex fibriform. Fronds tufted, dimorphic; stipe stramineous, almost absent or 3-24 cm, 1-2 mm in diam., base scaly, glabrous upward; lamina pectinate-pinnatisect, dark green or brown when dry, linear-oblanceolate, 15-45 cm, 2-5(-8) cm above middle, thickly leathery, glabrous; pinnae 20-40 pairs, spreading, lower ones gradually shortened, basal pair small auriculate; upper pinnae oblong, 1.5-3 × ca. 0.5 cm, base adnate to rachis, margin entire, slightly narrowed to apex, slightly reflexed, spreading, close or distant; veins inconspicuous, pinnate, furcate, not reaching lamina margin; rachis stramineous, glabrous, shallowly grooved adaxially. Fertile lamina as long as but narrower than sterile lamina. Sori linear, from near costa to near laminar margin, single on either side of costa. 2n = 66*.

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