Metaplexis japonica (Thunb.) Makino
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Lianas to 8 m. Young stems densely pubescent, glabrescent. Petiole 3-6 cm; leaf blade deep green adaxially, glaucous abaxially, ovate-cordate, basal lobes rounded, re-curved and sometimes overlapping, sinus 1-2 cm deep and often very narrow, glabrous or puberulent when young; lateral veins 10-12 pairs. Inflorescences usually 13-20-flowered; peduncle 6-12 cm; bracteoles membranous, lan-ceolate, ca. 3 mm. Pedicel ca. 8 mm, puberulent. Flower buds conical, apex acute. Sepals lanceolate, 5-7 × ca. 2 mm, pu-berulent. Corolla white, sometimes with purplish stripes; tube short; lobes lanceolate, slightly longer than sepals, spreading, reflexed at apex, conspicuously pilose inside. Stigma head conspicuously exserted, long and slender with 2-fid apex. Follicles fusiform, 8-9 × ca. 2 cm, smooth, gla-brous. Seeds ca. 5 × 3 mm, flat, margin membranous; coma silky white, ca. 1.5 cm. Fl. Jul-Aug, fr. Sep-Dec. 2n = 22, 24*.

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    "Twining perennial herb to 4 m, glabrous or nearly so; lvs cordate-ovate, 5–10 cm, glaucous beneath; peduncles 3–6 cm; fls in short, raceme-like or irregular cymes on pedicels 5–10 mm; cor lavender or purplish or whitish, the flaring tube only 2–3 mm, the lobes 7–8 mm; style-tip prolonged 6–8 mm, shortly bifurcate; fr lance-ovoid, 4–7 cm, tuberculate; 2n=22. Native of e. Asia, intr. as a cornfield-weed in Io. June, July."

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