Semenovia dasycarpa (Regel & Schmalh.) Korovin
  • Sosud. Rast. SSSR

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General Information

Plants small, 3–50 cm tall. Taproot ca. 1.5 cm across, crown semi-woody. Stem single, little-branched, pubescent. Basal leaves pinnate; pinnae 3–4 pairs, ovate or broad-ovate, 3–6 × 2.5–5 cm, 2–3-lobed, both surfaces sparsely pubescent, margins sharply serrate. Cauline leaves similar to the basal, reduced upward. Umbels 4–6 cm across; bracts 4–6, linear-lanceolate, densely pubescent, with narrow membranous margins; rays 4–14, unequal, up to 7 cm, densely pubescent; bracteoles similar to the bracts, connate at the base, nearly as long as umbellule; flowers 20–30 per umbellule. Calyx teeth minute. Petals white. Fruit ovoid-oblong, ca. 10 × 6 mm, puberulent; dorsal and intermediate ribs filiform, raised, lateral ribs narrowly winged; vittae reaching to the base of mericarp. Seed face plane. Fl. and fr. Jul–Aug.

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