Biebersteinia odora Stephan ex Fisch.
  • Mém. Soc. Imp. Naturalistes Moscou

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Plant ± suffrutescent, 10-30 cm tall, erect, glandular-pubescent. Rhizome stout, up to 13 cm long, topped by petiolar remains. Leaves cauline (at anthesis), long, pinnatisect; segment pairs 12-18, sessile, 4-20 mm long, pinnatifid or -partite into obtuse lobes. Stipules lanceolate, 2-3-fid or-partite, pubescent-glandular, brown. Flowers in racemes, c. 1.2 cm broad, yellow, orange in the centre; bract leafy, 4-6 mm long, ovate-oblong, margin often irregular; bracteoles 2, shorter, lanceolate-ovate; pedicel up to 2 cm long, glandular-hairy. Sepals unequal, elliptic-oblong, 7-9 mm long, glandular-pubescent. Petals suborbicular-obovate, base narrow, sparsely ciliate and strigose on the inner surface. Filaments 5-6 mm long, vinous. Styles united at the apex; stigma capitate. Nutlets c.3 mm long, rugose, strigose, slightly curved. Seed glabrous.

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