Solanum amblophyllum Hook.
  • "Hook., Bot. Misc. 2: 231. 1831., 1831."

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General Information

Dense shrubs 1-2 m tall; young stems and leaves densely red-papillose, the papillae ca. 0.1 mm long; older stems glabrous; bark of older stems dark grayish-brown.
Sympodial units plurifoliate.
Leaves narrowly elliptic, coriaceous, crinkled and glabrous above in dry specimens, densely pubescent along the midrib beneath, the trichomes uniseriate, simple, 0.5-1 mm long, crowded at the junctions of the midrib and the main lateral veins, leaf margins revolute, blades 4.5-13 x 1.7-3 cm, with 6-10 pairs of main lateral veins, these not visible above, prominent beneath, the apex rounded, the base acute, decurrent onto the petiole; petioles 0.6-1 cm long.
Inflorescences terminal, later becoming lateral, occasionally opposite the leaves, branched several times, 2-5 cm long, 10-25-flowered, but with only a few flowers at a time, glabrous or glandular-resinous; pedicel scars irregularly spaced 1-2 mm apart, beginning ca. 1 cm from the base of the inflorescence. Buds flattened apically when young, later globose, the corolla soon exserted from the calyx tube. Pedicels at anthesis deflexed, thick and fleshy, 1-2 cm long, tapering from the base of the calyx tube to a base 1 mm in diam.
Flowers with the calyx tube broadly cup-shaped, ca. 1.5 mm long, the lobes rounded-triangular, often auriculate, 1-1.5 mm long, the margins thickened and paler, glabrous; corolla white, fleshy, 1.2-1.6 cm in diam., lobed 2/3 of the way to the base, the lobes planar at anthesis, the tips and margins of the lobes densely papillose; anthers 4-4.5 x 1-1.5 mm, poricidal at the tips, the terminal 0.5 mm thickened and paler, the pores tear-drop shaped; free portion of the filaments 0.25-0.5 mm long, the filament tube ca. 0.5 mm long; ovary glabrous; style straight, 6-8 mm long; stigma capitate, bright green in live plants, the surface minutely papillose.
Fruit a globose, green berry, 1-1.3 cm in diam.; fruiting pedicels woody and deflexed, 1.2-1.5 cm long, ca. 1.5 mm in diam. at the base.
Seeds dark brownish in dry material, greenish-tan in live plants, flattened-reniform, 3.5-4 x 2-2.5 mm, the margins incrassate and somewhat paler, the surfaces deeply pitted.

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    • Distribution

      On the western slopes of the Andes in the department of Lima, Peru, from 2500 to 3500 m.

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        • 1 Hook., “Bot. Misc. 2: 231. 1831.”, 1831.

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