Brunfelsia undulata Sw.
  • "Sw., Prodr. (Swartz) 90. 1788 [20 Jun-29 Jul 1788], 1788."
  • Galan de noche

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General Information

Brunfelsia undulata Sw., Prodr. 90. 1788.

Arbustos o arbolitos hasta 5 m de alto, glabros; tallos y ramitas café-grisáceas cuando secas. Hojas elípticas u obovadas, más amplias en la mitad superior, 7–12 cm de largo y 2.5–4.5 cm de ancho, ápice agudo o acuminado; pecíolos ca 5 mm de largo. Inflorescencia un fascículo subterminal con 1–5 flores, pedicelos 8–15 mm de largo; cáliz campanulado, 8–12 mm de largo, lobado hasta la 1/2 de su longitud, lobos redondeados; corola blanca pálida a amarilla, a veces con un ojo café pequeño, tubo 8–10 cm de largo y 2–4 mm de ancho, pubescente por dentro en la mitad inferior, limbo 3–4 cm de diámetro incluyendo los 5 lobos redondeados.

Arbusto ornamental; 0–200 m; fl todo el año; Nee 28190, Stevens 20038; nativa de Jamaica, comúnmente cultivada en jardines tropicales. Género neotropical con 25–30 especies. "Huele noche".

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    peduncle very short or wanting; pedicels 8-12 mm long. Flowers showy, calyx cyathiform, ca. 10 mm long, the lobes orbicular, 3-4 mm long; corolla white fading to yellow, sometimes with a small, brownish-purple eye, the tube slender, ca. 10 mm long and 2-3 mm across, pubescent in the lower half within, the limb ca. 1.5 cm across plus the 5, orbicular lobes, 10-15 mm long; filaments pubescent near the point of insertion and below, the anthers narrowly elliptic; stigma semilunar, green. Fruit not known in Panama.

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    Glabrous shrub or tree to 5 m tall. Leaves narrowly elliptic to oblanceolate, mostly 8-10 cm long, acute or acuminate apically, acute basally, the margins entire and sometimes slightly revolute; petioles less than 4 mm long, channelled above and often verrucose. Inflorescence a cluster of solitary, subterminal flowers, each sometimes subtended by a pair of foliaceous bracts 1-4 cm long;

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    shrub or tree

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    Other Local Names

    Galan de noche

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