Cypripedium guttatum Sw.
  • Kongl. Vetensk. Acad. Nya Handl.
  • Spotted lady’s-slipper

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General Information

Plants 15-25 cm tall, with a slender, creeping rhizome. Stem erect, pubescent and glandular hairy, with several sheaths at base and 2 or rarely 3 leaves above. Leaves subopposite or occasionally alternate, at or above middle of plant; blade often turning black or blackish when dried, elliptic, ovate, or ovate-lanceolate, 5-12 × 2.5-4.5(-6) cm, abaxial veins sparsely pubescent or subglabrous, apex acute or acuminate. Inflorescence terminal, with 1 flower; peduncle densely pubescent and glandular hairy; floral bracts foliaceous, ovate-lanceolate, usually 1.5-3 cm, minutely ciliate, apex acute or acuminate; pedicel and ovary 1-1.5 cm, with glandular hairs. Flower white with purplish red or brownish red markings. Dorsal sepal ovate-elliptic or broadly ovate-elliptic, 1.5-2.2 × 1.2-1.6 cm, often sparsely puberulent toward abaxial base, apex acute or shortly acuminate; synsepal narrowly elliptic, 1.2-1.8 × 0.5-0.6 cm, apex shallowly 2-lobed. Petals often subspatulate or pandurate, 1.3-1.8 × 0.5-0.7 cm, hairy toward adaxial base, apex often slightly dilated and rounded; lip deeply pouched, pitcher-shaped, ca. 1.5 × 1.5 cm, lacking an incurved apical margin, with a broad mouth, inner bottom hairy. Staminode ovate-elliptic, 4-5 × 2.5-3 mm, abaxially broadly keeled, adaxially minutely longitudinally ridged, apex emarginate or subtruncate. Capsule pendulous, nearly narrowly ellipsoid, ca. 2.5 cm × 8-10 mm, puberulent. Fl. May-Jul, fr. Aug-Sep. 2n = 20, 30.

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    Plants erect, 12–35 cm. Leaves 2 (–3,very rarely), on middle half of stem, alternate to subopposite, wide-spreading; blade lance-ovate to ovate-suborbiculate, 5–15 × 1.5–8 cm. Flowers solitary, erect; sepals white with pink to reddish or magenta markings; dorsal sepal ovate- to suborbiculate-elliptic, 12–28 × 6–19 mm; lateral sepals connate, synsepal 12–21 × 3–8 mm; petals spreading, same color as sepals, lanceolate-subpandurate (constricted near apex), flat, 10–20 × 4–9 mm, slightly shorter than to equaling lip, margins undulate-revolute to slightly spiraled; lip similarly colored, subglobose to obovoid, 15–30 mm; orifice basal, 10–24 mm; staminode oblong-quadrangular to broadly ellipsoid or ovoid. 2n = 20, 20.

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    Other Local Names

    Spotted lady’s-slipper

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