Carpinus minutiserrata Hayata
  • Icon. Pl. Formosan.

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General Description

Trees; bark dark gray. Branchlets purplish brown, glabrous. Petiole ca. 7 mm, glabrous or sparsely villous; leaf blade elliptic-lanceolate, oblong, or ovate-elliptic, 6-11 × ca. 2.5 cm, abaxially villous along veins, adaxially sparsely villous along midvein, base subcordate or subrounded, sometimes unequal, margin doubly and densely minutely serrate, apex acuminate; lateral veins 15-17 on each side of midvein. Female inflorescence 3-4 cm; peduncle ca. 1.5 cm, sparsely pubescent; bracts semiovate, 1.3-1.4 cm × 6-7 mm, villous along veins, outer margin irregularly dentate, without basal lobe, inner margin entire or simply or doubly dentate, with inflexed basal auricle, apex acute; veins 4 or 5, reticulate veins prominent. Nutlet broadly ovoid, ca. 3 × 2 mm, glabrous except sparsely villous at apex, resinous glandular, 10-ribbed. Fl. May-Jun, fr. Jul-Sep.

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