Cardiopteris quinqueloba (Hassk.) Hassk.
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Leaves widely spaced; petiole 3-12 cm; leaf blade abaxially light green, adaxially inflexed upward near apex of petiole and marginally, polymorphic, broadly ovate, (4-)7-12(-17) × (3-)5-8(-16) cm, glabrous, base usually cordate, sometimes truncate, margin usually ± deeply or irregularly 3-5(-9)-lobed, apex commonly acute; basal lobes auriculate-orbicular or hastate, sometimes sinuous; apical lobe larger; basal veins 5, widely divergent, midvein with 1 or 2 pairs of lateral veins, veins slightly prominent, reticulate veins inconspicuous. Panicle solitary on peduncle, (3-)5-16(-27) cm, 1-3-forked, cincinni rather few flowered. Flowers small, bisexual; plants polygamous, dioecious, or monoecious; flower buds yellow-green, subglobose. Calyx lobes ovate, 1.5-2 mm, glabrous or outside sparsely puberulent, coherent at base, margin sometimes ciliate. Petals white, ovate to narrowly ovate, ca. 2 mm, united at base, apex obtuse or rounded. Filaments filiform, slightly widened at base; anthers oblong-ovoid, longer than filaments. Ovary ellipsoid or narrowly conical, 1.5-3 mm, slightly 4-ribbed, glabrous; style exserted, terete. Samara golden, shiny, suborbicular or obcordate, 2-3.5 × 1.5-3 cm, with persistent calyx, with 1-8 mm elongate fruiting axis above calyx. Fl. May-Nov, fr. Oct-Mar.

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