Holboellia angustifolia Wall.
  • Tent. Fl. Napal.

This taxon is accepted by Berberidaceae
Notes: More details could be found in The Plant List v.1.1. Originally in The Plant List v.1.0

General Information

Evergreen. Stems and branches grayish brown, striate. Bud bracts persistent, broad, scaly. Petiole long; leaf blade palmately (3--)5--7(--9)-foliolate; petiolules 0.5--2.5 cm; leaflets 3--13 × 0.3--5 cm, subleathery to leathery, abaxially glaucous and densely very minutely papillose, adaxially green and shiny, base cuneate, margin entire, apex acuminate, acute, or obtuse, sometimes emarginate; secondary veins 6--10 pairs, tertiary veinlets and secondary veins conspicuously prominent on both surfaces or abaxially slightly prominent and adaxially inconspicuous. Racemes several, short; peduncle short, 0.8--2 cm. Male flowers: pedicel 1--1.5 cm. Outer 3 sepals linear-oblong, 1--1.5 × 0.3--0.4 cm, apex obtuse; inner 3 sepals smaller. Petals suborbicular, less than 1 mm in diam. Stamens straight, ca. 1 cm; filaments terete; anthers linear; connective apical appendage apiculate, ca. 0.7 mm. Pistillodes small, subulate. Female flowers: pedicel 3.5--5 cm. Sepals purplish red; outer 3 sepals obovate-orbicular to broadly ovate, 14--16 × 7--9 mm; inner 3 sepals smaller. Petals ovate-triangular, ca. 0.4 mm wide. Staminodes sessile, ca. 0.7 mm. Carpels clavate. Stigma capitate, cleft. Fruit purple at maturity, oblong, 5--9 cm, apex rounded and apiculate. Seeds ellipsoid, 5--8 × 4--5 mm; seed coat brownish black, shiny. Fl. Apr--Jun, fr. Aug--Oct.

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