Diospyros armata Hemsl.
  • J. Linn. Soc., Bot.

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General Information

Trees 5--13 m tall, half-evergreen to deciduous. Trunk to 50 cm d.b.h. Branchlets densely puberulent with a few much longer hairs, usually tipped with slender inconspicuous spines. Petiole 3--4 mm; leaf blade narrowly elliptic, sometimes rhombic-oblanceolate, 1.5--6.5 X 1.5--3 cm, thinly leathery to leathery, translucent dotted, abaxially very sparsely pilose on veins, adaxially dark green and lustrous, base cuneate, margin very narrowly revolute, apex obtuse, rounded, or acute, lateral veins 7 or 8 per side and adaxially raised, reticulate veinlets lax and inconspicuous. Male flowers in small corymbose cymes, fragrant; corolla white, urn-shaped, 4--5 mm, tomentose. Fruiting calyx divided to near base, abaxially sparsely strigose, adaxially glabrous; lobes 4, spreading to slightly reflexed, lanceolate to ovate, 9--12 X 4--5 mm, margin slightly revolute. Berries yellow, globose, ca. 2 cm in diam., strigose. Fl. Apr-May, fr. Aug-Dec

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