Dilophia ebracteata Maxim.
  • Fl. Tangut.

This taxon is accepted by Brassicaceae
Notes: More details could be found in The Plant List v.1.1. Originally in The Plant List v.1.0

General Information

Herbs glabrous throughout, rarely sepals puberulent. Stems erect, somewhat fleshy, simple from taproot, 1.5-10 cm tall. Leaves oblong-spatulate, linear-spatulate, or linear, (3-)5-10(-15) × (1-)1.5-3 mm, fleshy, base attenuate, margin entire, apex obtuse or rounded. Corymbs few to many flowered, only lowermost few flowers bracteate. Fruiting pedicels 3-10 mm. Sepals erect, broadly ovate, 2.5-3 × 1.5-2 mm, glabrous or subapically puberulent, margin broadly membranous, apex entire or minutely denticulate. Petals white, often with pink tinge outside, broadly obovate, 4.5-6 × 2-3 mm, apex rounded or subemarginate; claw to 3 mm. Filaments white, 2-3 mm; anthers ovate, 0.6-1 mm, the apicula ovate, 0.2-0.5 mm, apex rounded. Ovules 2-4 per ovary. Fruit valves oblong, glabrous, 2-2.5 mm, notch to 2 mm wide, apical cristae 4-12; replum 2-2.5 mm wide at base; style 0.2-0.3 mm. Seeds brown, broadly oblong or ovate, somewhat flattened, 1.8-2.2 × 0.9-1.2 mm. Fl. late Jun-Sep, fr. Aug-Oct.

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