Asparagus setaceus (Kunth) Jessop
  • Bothalia

This taxon is accepted by Asparagaceae
Notes: More details could be found in The Plant List v.1.1. Originally in The Plant List v.1.0

General Description

Herbs hermaphroditic. Stems climbing, much branched, to several meters, slightly woody near base; branches spreading horizontally, with branchlets and cladodes arranged in 1 plane, frondlike. Cladodes in fascicles of 10--13, 4--5 mm, very slender, slightly trigonous. Leaf spur short, occasionally spinescent on main stems. Inflorescences developing after cladodes. Flowers solitary or in clusters of 2 or 3; pedicel short, articulate at middle. Perianth white; segments widely spreading, lanceolate-oblong, ca. 7 mm. Berry purplish black, 6--7 mm in diam., 1--3-seeded. Fl. Jun. 2 n = 20*.

Vines, woody, scrambling or climbing to 5 m; roots fibrous. Stems to 4 m, wiry, smooth, branches planate; cladophylls in fascicles of (5–)8–20 per node, filiform, 4–10 × 0.5 mm, ± rigid, with single vein. Leaves membranous, 1–2 mm; blade forming short spine with reflexed apex, base hardened. Inflorescences terminally umbellate, 1–4-flowered. Flowers bisexual, nodding; perianth spreading, campanulate; tepals white, 3–4 × 1–1.5 mm; pedicel 1–3 mm, jointed at or just above base. Berries purplish black, 4–5 mm. Seeds 1–3. 2n = 20.

Asparagus setaceus (Kunth) Jessop, Bothalia 9: 51. 1966; Asparagopsis setacea Kunth; Asparagus plumosus Baker.

Tallos leñosos o al menos endurecidos, volubles y trepadores, hasta 400 cm de largo; espinas hasta 10 mm de largo, reflexas, deltoides, a menudo ausentes en las ramas terminales. Cladodios aciculares, 5–10 mm de largo y 0.2–0.3 mm de ancho, rectos, en fascículos de 5–17. Inflorescencia terminal en las ramas laterales, de 1–3 flores con pedicelo 2–5 mm de largo; tépalos ca 3 mm de largo, blanco cremosos. Baya globosa, 5–6 mm de diámetro, roja o purpúrea; semillas 1–3.

Cultivada; 500–1400 m; fl ene, fr oct; Seymour 3390, Stevens 15191; sureste de Africa, ampliamente cultivada.

Plantas escandentes, leñosas, con espinas; tallos hasta ca. 3 m, los cladodios 0.2 – 1 cm. Infls. terminalessobre ramas laterales, de 1–3 fls.; pedicelos 1–5 mm. Fls. con tépalos 2.5–3.2 mm, blanco verdusco. Frs. 5–6 mm de diám., morados a negruzcos; semillas 1–3.

Local Names

Climbing asparagus-fern, lace-fern

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