Combretum wallichii DC.
  • Prodr.

This taxon is accepted by Combretaceae
Notes: More details could be found in The Plant List v.1.1. Originally in The Plant List v.1.0

General Description

Lianas to 6 m tall. Bark longitudinally fibrous peeling, sparsely black lenticellate. Branchlets together with petioles puberulous and densely brown scaly, glabrescent. Leaves opposite or subopposite; petiole 4-10 mm; leaf blade variable in shape, oblong-elliptic, elliptic, broadly elliptic, ovate, obovate, or suborbicular, 4-15 × 2-7 cm, both surfaces glabrous at maturity except abaxially often with tufts of brown to white hairs in axils of lateral veins, or rarely abaxially persistently sparsely ferruginous pilose and densely so on veins, both surfaces usually not scaly but often densely green or white verruculose, base attenuate or obtuse-rounded, apex acuminate, or rounded or obtuse-rounded and mucronate; lateral veins in 5-9 pairs. Inflorescences terminal and axillary, simple, narrowly cylindric spikes 3-9 cm, sometimes grouped at branchlet apex and forming a panicle; axes puberulous, brown scaly; bracts caducous, linear or linear-lanceolate, 2.5-4 mm. Flowers strongly scented. Calyx tube in middle part broadly funnelform, distally broadly campanulate to salverform, 3.5-5 mm, abaxially glabrous and brown scaly, adaxially with a ring of exserted, dense, coarse hairs; lobes 4, erect, deltoid or broadly triangular, 1-1.5 mm, apex acuminate or shortly so. Petals 4, yellow to green, ca. 1.5 mm, clawed; limb oblanceolate. Stamens 8, exserted, ca. 5 mm. Fruit purple or red, glossy, ± globose, 4-winged, 1.7-3.3 × 1.8-3 cm, glabrous, white or golden scaly. Fl. Mar-Aug, fr. Jul-Nov.

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