Capparis mirifica Standl.
  • Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard.

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General Information

Small trees about 6 m. tall, the branches terete, rather stout, densely brown stellate-tomentose, becoming glabrate; leaves ovate-oblong, rounded or shortly and abruptly acuminate at the tip, deeply cordate and amplexicaul at the base, 15-18 cm. long, 6.0-9.5 cm. broad, pale green and glabrous above, very densely brown stellate-tomentose beneath, the petiole 4-5 mm. long; inflorescence terminal or subterminal, umbelliform at the tip of a filiform, scurfy-stellate, naked peduncle about 40-50 cm. long, apparently few-flowered, the fruiting pedicels 2.5-3.0 cm. long, inconspicuously brown stellate-puberulent; flowers unknown; fruits siliqui- form, linear-fusiform, strongly angulate and obviously constricted, 20-30 cm. long, about 8 mm. thick, finely and densely brown stellate-puberulent, the gynophore about 4 cm. long.

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  • Provided by: [C].Flora de Panama
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