Canarium tonkinense Engl.
  • Nat. Pflanzenfam.

This is a synonym of Canarium album (Lour.) DC.
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General Information

Trees, ca. 15 m tall. Branchlets light gray when dry, puberulent, lenticellate. Leaves stipulate; rachis sparsely pubescent, lenticellate; leaflets 5(-7) pairs; blades ovate or oblong, 13-20 × 6-8 cm, adaxially glabrous except sparsely shortly pubescent on midrib, abaxially minutely verrucose, rigidly papery or leathery, base rounded, oblique, margin entire, apex with acumen ca. 15 mm; lateral veins 13-15 pairs, abaxially prominent, shortly pubescent. Inflorescences extra-axillary, 2-3 cm from axil, 20-30 cm, puberulent, unknown in female plants; male inflorescences with 3-4 cm peduncle, lower branches 5-6 cm, cymose, cymelets with 3 or 4 flowers. Male flowers 5-6 mm; calyx ca. 2 mm, shallowly 2- or 3-lobed, abaxially shortly hairy. Petals ca. 5 mm, abaxially very sparsely puberulent. Stamens glabrous; filaments connate for nearly all of length; anthers oblong-ovate, ca. 1.5 mm; disk annular, fleshy, margin sinuate, center excavate. Ovary absent. Infructescences ca. 30 cm, nearly glabrous; persistent calyx disk-shaped, ca. 7 mm in diam. Drupe reddish brown when dry, ellipsoid with obtuse ends, ca. 32 × 20 mm, exocarp thin, with conspicuous midrib; cross section of pyrene rounded triangular. Fl. Apr-Jun, fr. Jul-Aug.

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