Tillandsia adpressa André
  • Énum. Bromél.

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4. Tillandsia adpressa André, Énum. Bromél. 6 (1888). Holotipo: Ecuador, André 3792 (K).

Por J.F.Utley.

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    Very variable, 2-5 dm. high. Leaves many, rosulate, usually forming an ovoid pseudobulb, 15-30 cm. long, densely punctulate-lepidote, sheaths broad, dark brown; blades narrowly triangular, involute-subulate toward apex, not over 20 mm. wide, pale-lepidote. Scape erect or nearly so, lepidote. Scape-bracts ovate- oblong, long-caudate, their bases usually equaling or exceeding the internodes. Inflorescence narrow, bipinnate, of 4-12 spikes, erect to pendulous. Axis straight to geniculate, lepidote. Primary bracts narrow, attenuate to caudate, densely lepidote, usually equaling or exceeding the spikes, always at least half as long. Spikes with 8-12 distichous flowers. Floral bracts shorter than the sepals, ovate, acute, densely lepidote. Flowers sessile, spreading. Sepals scarcely over 5 mm. long, strongly asymmetric, obovate, densely lepidote. Capsule cylindric, apiculate, 20-25 mm. long.

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