Berzelia rubra Schltdl.
  • Linnaea

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About 1 m high, moderately branched, with arachnoid-pilose branchlets. Leaves mostly 1-1.2 cm long, erect-spreading, spreading or reflexed, linear-lanceolate, obtuse, slightly incurved, stoutly keeled on the greater part of the dorsal surface and throughout the ventral surface, tetragonal about the apex, at first pilose, becoming glabrous. Flowering heads mostly 7-8 mm wide, globose, terminating short branchlets arranged in a raceme-like formation. Bract and bracteoles spathulate, villous on the dorsal surface, reaching to shortly above the middle of the petals. Calyx-tube broadly oblong, clothed with caducous unicellular hairs: calyx-lobes linear-lanceolate, apiculate, with caducous hairs on the dorsal surface, reaching to shortly above the middle of the petals. Petals about 2 mm long, linear-oblong, tapering towards the base, obtuse, glabrous or sparsely pilose on the lower half of the dorsal surface, cream-coloured, indistinctly keeled on the lower half. Stamens shortly exerted: anthers 1 mm long, elliptic: thecae free f of their length. Ovary slightly more than 1/2 inferior, conical and villous in the upper part. Fruit unknown.

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    Caledon Div.

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    • 1 Linnaea
    • 2 Pillans, NS. 1947. A revision of Bruniaceae. J. S. African Bot. 13: 121 - 203.

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