Asclepias hirtella (Pennell) Woodson
  • Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard.

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"Stout, 4–10 dm; lvs numerous, linear or lance- linear, 1–2 dm, scabrellate; umbels 2–10, densely fld (fls often 30–100) on peduncles 1–2(–3) cm; pedicels hirsutulous with spreading hairs; cor pale greenish or slightly purplish, its lobes reflexed, 4–6 mm; hoods 2–2.5 mm, the base separated from the cor by a distinct column, appressed to the gynostegium, obtuse at the summit, reaching just above the base of the anther-wings; horns none. Dry sandy soil and prairies; W.Va., O., and Mich. to Wis., n. Io., Kans., Okla., Ark., and sw. Ky. June–Aug. (Acerates h.)"

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