Anacampseros rufescens (Haw.) Sweet
  • Hort. Brit.

This taxon is accepted by Anacampserotaceae
Notes: More details could be found in The Plant List v.1.1. Originally in The Plant List v.1.0


Perennial herb, up to 0.08 m high; matforming. Leaves densely spiralled round short stems; blade ovate to broadly ovate, ± 20 x 10 mm, apex acute, glabrous, lower surface reddish, axillary hairs many. Flowers: inflorescence up to 100 mm long; corolla pink; Nov.-Apr.

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    Dry Grassland; Mesic Grassland; Dwarf Karroid Shrubland. Grassland, rocky places.

  • Provided by: [B].e-Flora of South Africa
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    • 1 Hort. Brit.
    • 2 Retief, E; Meyer, NL. 2017. Anacampserotaceae. In: E Retief & NL Meyer (eds), Plants of the Free State: Inventory and identification guide. Strelitzia 38: 195 - 197. South African National Biodiversity Institute, Pretoria.

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