Amsinckia retrorsa Suksd.
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General Description

"Rough-hairy annual 1–6 dm; stem spreading-hispid and also evidently puberulent or strigose throughout with shorter and softer, ± retrorse hairs; lvs linear or linear-oblong, to12 cm, seldom over 1 cm wide, the basal ones often crowded and wider than the others; sep 5, 5–12 mm at maturity; cor 5–8 mm, the tube 10-nerved below the insertion of the stamens, not much exserted from the cal; stamens inserted near the middle of the cor-tube; nutlets 2–3 mm; 2n=16, 26. Widespread in w. U.S., occasional with us as a weed in disturbed sites. Apr.–July."

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    • 2 Deutsche Bot. Monatsschr.

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