Aegopodium handelii H.Wolff
  • Symb. Sin.

This taxon is accepted by Apiaceae
Notes: More details could be found in The Plant List v.1.1. Originally in The Plant List v.1.0

General Description

Plants 50–100 cm. Stem stout, terete, shallowly fluted, hollow, branches spreading. Lower leaves petiolate, petioles 4–7 cm; blade broad-triangular, ca. 23 cm, ternate-3–4-pinnate; ultimate segments ovate or broad-ovate, 1.5–2.5 × 1–1.5 cm, base cuneate, margins and nerves roughened on both surfaces. Upper leaves reduced, ternate-pinnate. Umbels 3–5 cm across; peduncles 8–15 cm, apex roughened; rays 9–11, 3–4(–6) cm, slightly roughened; umbellules 0.8–1.4 cm across, many-flowered; pedicels 3–10 mm, unequal. Petals white. Styles 1–2 × stylopodium. Fruit oblong-ovoid to long-ovoid, ca. 3.5 × 2 mm. Fl. and fr. Jul–Aug.

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