Sicyos angulatus L.
  • Sp. Pl.
  • One-seed bur or star cucumber, nimble-Kate, sicyos anguleux

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General Information

Stems moderately to densely villous-puberulent, hairs glandular-viscid, mixed with stipitate-glandular hairs. Leaves: petiole 1–7(–10) cm; blade orbiculate-angulate to broadly ovate-angulate or shallowly (3–)5-lobed, 4–12 × 6–17 cm, terminal lobe deltate-acuminate to ovate-acuminate, basal sinus narrow to broad, margins evenly and minutely green-apiculate-mucronulate, ± ciliate, hairs gland-tipped, surfaces hispidulous-hirsute; proximal pair of lateral veins divergent from edge of basal sinus. Inflorescences: staminate 10–21(–34)-flowered, peduncle plus floral axis 30–220 mm; pistillate 8–16-flowered, peduncle 20–50 mm. Flowers: staminate: corolla white to greenish white, 4–5 mm, stamens prominently exserted; pistillate: sepals not foliaceous, linear to linear-triangular, 0.5–1 mm, corolla 1–2 mm (essentially without a tube); stigmas 3-lobed. Pepos ovoid-beaked, 9–15 mm, echinate, spinules retrorsely barbellate, also densely arachnoid-villous to minutely villosulous, hairs often gland-tipped.

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    "Climbing sometimes to several m; lvs orbicular in outline, shallowly 3–5-lobed, usually with a deep basal sinus, the lobes denticulate, acuminate; pistillate peduncles eventually 5–8 cm, the staminate usually longer; staminate cor 8–10 mm wide, lobed to the middle; fr ovoid, 1.5 cm, hairy and spiny; 2n=24. Damp soil; Me. and Que. to Minn., s. to Fla. and Ariz. July, Aug."

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    Einjährig, Stängel kletternd, bis 10 m lang, borstig behaart, mit 3teiligen Ranken. Blätter schwach 3–5lappig. Krone grünlich-weiss, 5–6 mm lang. einhäusig, männliche Blüten in Trauben, weibliche in Köpfchen. Die 5 Staubfäden zu einer Säule verwach

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    7–9. Als Zierpflanze kultiviert. Verwildert auf feuchten Lehmböden, Dämme, Waldränder, Äcker, in Südeuropa teilweise invasiv, kollin. TI.

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    Other Local Names

    One-seed bur or star cucumber, nimble-Kate, sicyos anguleux
    Sicyos anguleuxFrenchCH
    Sicios angolosoItalianCH


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