Tillaea aquatica L.
  • Sp. Pl.

This is a synonym of Crassula aquatica (L.) Schönland
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General Description

Herbs 2-6 cm tall. Roots fibrous. Stems branched from base, erect or ascending. Leaf blade linear-lanceolate, 4-8 × ca. 1 mm, base connate, apex acute. Flowers axillary or rarely terminal, sessile, 4- or rarely 5-merous. Sepals ovate, ca. 0.5 mm, apex obtuse. Petals white, ovate-oblong, ca. 1 mm, apex obtuse. Stamens shorter than petals. Nectar scales spatulate-linear, ca. 1.5 × as long as carpels. Carpels ovoid-oblong. Styles short. Follicles more than 10-seeded. Seeds brown, cylindric, ca. 0.5 mm, longitudinally striate. Fl. May-Jul.

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