Costus villosissimus Jacq.
  • Fragm. Bot.
  • Cafiagria Cafia de Mico

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General Information

Costus villosissimus Jacq., Fragm. Bot. 55. 1809.

Hierbas 1–4 m de alto. Hojas angostamente elípticas a angostamente obovadas, 15–30 cm de largo y 4.5–10 cm de ancho, ápice cortamente acuminado, base cordada a redondeada, densamente ferrugíneo-hirsutas; lígula 2–10 mm de largo. Inflorescencia ovoide, 5–10 (–20) cm de largo y 3.5–6.5 (–8.5) cm de ancho; brácteas ampliamente ovadas, 2–4 cm de largo, densamente ferrugíneo-hirsutas, verdes o rojas, apéndices patentes, angostamente triangulares a deltados, hasta 9 cm de largo, verdes; bractéolas 17–30 mm de largo; cáliz 8–16 mm de largo; corola 60–80 mm de largo, glabra, amarillo pálida; labelo vistoso, 70–100 mm de largo, amarillo. Cápsula elipsoide, 15–25 mm de largo.

Rara en bosques siempreverdes, zona atlántica; 0–200 m; fl ago–oct; Araquistain 3057, Stevens 10638; Centroamérica hasta Ecuador y en el Caribe.

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    Plants rather stout, 2-3 m. tall, the stem somewhat spiral; leaves closely sheathing, obovate to broadly oblanceolate, apex abruptly acuminate, base broadly cuneate and very obscurely auriculate-subcordate, sessile or subsessile, the upper 15-30 cm. long, 5-13 cm. broad, very conspicuously ferruginous-pilose, par- ticularly the sheaths, margins and midrib; inflorescence broadly ovoid, sessile and set amongst the upper somewhat reduced leaves, 5-10 cm. long; bracts all with spreading foliaceous tips, 5-8 cm. long, ferruginous-pilose, usually green within and without; calyx about 1 cm. long, broadly 3-dentate; ovary 0.5 cm. long; corolla pale yellow to nearly white, about 7 cm. long, the lobes oblong-elliptic; stamen 5-6 cm. long, oblong; labellum exceedingly showy, broadly 3-lobed, 9-10 cm. long, widely spreading, pale yellow, without markings (except in suspected hybrids with C. Friedrichsenii).

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    Plantas 1–4 m. Hojas con lámina 15–30 × 4.5–10 cm, cordada en la base; vaina y lámina densamente hirsuto-ferrugíneas; lígula 0.2–1 cm, truncada. Infl. 6–10 × 3.5–6.5 cm (hasta ca. 20 8.5 cm en fr.), ovoide;brácteas densamente hirsuto-ferrugíneas, con apéndice verde. Fls. con cáliz 0.8–1.6 cm; corola glabra; labelo 7–10 × ca. 6 cm, extendido, amarillo puro.

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    Guatemala to British Guiana and Peru, chiefly in lowland thickets and light forest.

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    Other Local Names

    Cafiagria Cafia de Mico

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