Canna liliiflora Warsz. ex Planch.
  • Fl. Serres Jard. Eur.

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General Information

Plants 2.5-3.0 m. tall, wholly glabrous; leaves subhorizontal, oblong, acum- inate, 90-120 cm. long, about 45 cm. broad; inflorescence simple or infrequently branched, horizontally deflexed, bracteate, the bracts about 4 cm. long, subtending solitary, exceedingly showy flowers; sepals oblong, longer than the ovary, green; corolla white, 12-14 cm. long, the lobes oblong-linear, 2 cm. broad; staminodia 3, subequal, apparently distinctly longer than the corolla lobes, about 2.5 cm. broad.

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