Bactris balanoidea (Oerst.) H.Wendl.
  • Palmiers

This is a synonym of Bactris major Jacq.
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General Description

Slender, in large thickets but not densely soboliferous, very spiny but old trunks becoming almost bare: leaves 1-2 m. long, evenly pinnate; petiole very slender, 50-75 cm. long, about 1 cm. thick, rusty-pubescent, the dark brown spines 2-7 cm. long, the rachis well armed and pubescent; pinnae 30-40 pairs, 2-5 cm. apart at points of at- tachment, 30-50 cm. long, 1-2 cm. broad, grayish-green, puberulent on under surface, margins spiculose, midrib prominent and thinner veins either side: spathe or cymba 15-65 cm. long, thickly covered with black- ish prickles; spadix bearing about a dozen simple short branches, pistil- late flowers mostly about midway of the branches or rachillae: fruit cream-colored, probably becoming purple, oblong-ovoid, about 4 cm. long, sides nearly parallel, blunt at apex; nutlet enveloped in thin hair-like fiber, black, pores not of equal height on the surface.


Wet or swampy places, near Fort Sherman, Bay of Limon and apparently on Barro Colorado Island.

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