Bactris aureodrupa L.H.Bailey
  • Gentes Herb.

This is a synonym of Bactris gracilior Burret
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General Description

Very slender palm, 3 m. tall; trunk arundinaceous, 1-2 cm. thick, bearing a few small blackish thin spines; leaf-sheaths 20 cm. or more long, closely clasping, armed with very thin spines 1-2.5 cm. long: leaves about 1 m. long, pinnae ir- regular in attachment, very glossy on under glabrous surface, less glossy on duller upper surface which' also discloses a very close puberulence under a lens; pinnae 14-16 either side the slender puberulent rachis, with alternate attachment toward apex but scattered on lower part, unarmed but perhaps a spine or two on the petiole, the pinnae- thin in texture, 16-20 cm. long and 2-2.5 cm. broad, long- acuminate'and very sharp, midrib not very prominent and accompanied by con- spicuous nIerves on either side, margins hispidulose: cymba 10-14 cm. long, appressed on middle with short blackish setose hairs: fruiting spadix 7-9 cm. across either wday, rachillae lightly pubescent: fruit pyriform, 12-14 mm. long, 9-10 mm. thick, glabrous, orange, beak so small as to be hardly noticeable; cupule about 3 mm. deep, with almost continuous and only notched or broken edges.


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Flora de Panama
Robert E. Woodson, Jr. and Robert W. Schery Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden Vol. 67, No. 4 (1980), pp. ii-xxxiii
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