Bactris augustinea L.H.Bailey
  • Gentes Herb.

This is a synonym of Bactris major Jacq.
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General Description

Heavily spined, growing in dense clumps 3 m. tall; trunk 5-7 cm. thick, the conspicuous leaf-sheaths held to- gether by encircling fibrous strands: -leaves 1-2 m. long, regularly many- pinnate, petiole provided with dark brown angled spines 3-8 cm. long on sheath and shorter on rachis; pinnae 25 or more pairs, contiguous and ev- enly spaced, 30-45 cm. long and 2.5 cm. or less broad, grayish-green and nearly glabrous, margins spiculose, midrib and- side-ribs conspicuous: spathe or cymba about 25-30 cm. long, many- ribbed, pubescent and thickly aciculate; spadix with 10 or fewer branches near apex of peduncle, each 12-20 cm. long: fruit at first whitish, becoming dull purple, globular-oblong or indistinctly obovoid but becoming more or less conic when dry, 3-4 cm. long, glabrous, the scalloped cupule prominent; nutlet 2-2.5 cm. long, imbedded (when dry) in a mealy but firm mesocarp.

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Flora de Panama
Robert E. Woodson, Jr. and Robert W. Schery Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden Vol. 67, No. 4 (1980), pp. ii-xxxiii
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