Astrocaryum standleyanum L.H.Bailey
  • Gentes Herb.

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General Information

Erect stout tree, 12-15 m. tall.; trunk to 20 cm. diameter, wood hard, armed with deflexed flattened- spines 10-15 cm. long: leaves 2-4 m. long, glossy on upper surface, clustered into a close broad crown; pinnae numerous, irregularly placed on the rachis and often clustered, 1 m. long, 2-4 cm. broad, being long and narrow with parallel sides, glabrous or becoming so when a loose scurf falls, ridged with midrib on upper surface and showing more or less prominent lateral nerves, margins bearing small spicules; petiole 1 m. or more long, armed with retrorse flat prickles from 2 to 15 cm. long: spadix 5 0-60 cm. long at anthesis aside from the long terete armed peduncle, spathe black-spiny and soon becoming free and hanging or fallixig, rachillae 10-15 cm. long, in whorls or irregularly placed and at the base of which are 2 or 3 pistillate flowers 15-18 mm. long in the crooks of the branchlet; staminate flowers with long exserted versatile anthers 5-7 mm. long, closely set on extended part of branchlet, cream-colored: fruit globular-oblong-obovoid, 4-4.5 cm. long including the prominent beak, about 3 cm. thick, 1-seeded, orange, roughish- papillate, unarmed; nutlet about 2 cm. long, with longitudinal black stripes, pores with radiating lines.

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    Tallo ca. 8–15 m y 12–25 cm de diám., armado con bandas de espinas aplanadas, deflexas, blan-quecinas. Pecíolos más allá de la vaina ca. 0.5–1.5 m. Láminas foliares ca. 2.5–4 m; hojuelas ca. 100–110 porlado, agrupadas y arregladas en diversos planos, subiguales (generalmente 1-costadas), brillantes adaxial-mente, desigualmente bífidas apicalmente. Pedúnculos ca. 50–95 cm (hasta ca. 120 cm en fr.), erectos odivergentes en la antesis pero rápidamente péndulos, la bráctea ca. 84–145 cm. Raquis de la infl. ca. 50–95 cm.Fls. en tríadas distantes en la porción proximal de las raquilas, con fls. estaminadas densamente agrupadas en laporción distal; fls. estaminadas ca. 5–6 mm, crema, de olor intenso y desagradable, inmersas en las raquilas;anteras ca. 2.9–3.3 mm; fls. pistiladas ca. 10–14 mm, los pétalos connatos en un tubo estrechamente ovoide, api-calmente tridentado; estaminodios connatos en un anillo sinuado, marginalmente negruzco-fimbriado. Frs.maduros ca. 3.3–4.5 2.1–3.2 cm, ampliamente elipsoides a obovoides, uniformemente asperulosos (perosin espínulas negruzcas), anaranjados.

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    Conspicuous forest tree in central Canal Zone and probably widely distributed.

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