Platanthera praeclara Sheviak & M.L.Bowles
  • Rhodora

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Plants 38–85 cm. Leaves several to many, ascending, scattered along stem, imperceptibly reduced to bracts distally; blade lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate, to 26 × 5 cm. Spikes lax. Flowers resupinate, showy, creamy white; lateral sepals somewhat porrect; petals flabellate, truncate, sometimes emarginate, apically lacerate; lip descending, deeply 3-lobed, without basal thickening, 17–32 × 20–39 mm, distal margins of lobes deeply incised and fringed, lateral lobes flabellate, sometimes broadly and overlapping middle lobe, middle lobe flabellate, sometimes very broadly, emarginate; spur slenderly clavate, 36–55 mm; rostellum lobes directed strongly forward, wide-spreading, angular; pollinaria geniculate; pollinia directed forward (column appearing hooded), remaining enclosed in anther sacs; viscidia orbiculate; ovary slender, mostly 20–30 mm. 2n = 42.

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