Platanthera integrilabia (Correll) Luer
  • Native Orchids U.S. & Canada excluding Florida

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General Information

Plants 50–80 cm. Leaves 2(–3), spreading to ascending, on basal portion of stem, abruptly reduced to bracts distally; blade lanceolate to elliptic, 12–23 × 1–3.2 cm. Spikes rather lax. Flowers resupinate, showy, white; lateral sepals reflexed; petals oblong, margins entire; lip porrect, spatulate to lance-spatulate, without basal thickening, 10–15 × 2.5–4 mm, margins slightly lacerate to subentire; spur slenderly cylindric, scarcely clavate, 35–60 mm; rostellum lobes directed forward, spreading, angular; rostellum lobes slenderly curving forward, slightly spreading, angular-elongate, long; pollinaria with stalks curved forward; pollinia remaining enclosed in anther sacs; viscidia orbiculate; ovary slender, ca.16–22 mm.

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