Tephroseris kjellmanii (A.E.Porsild) Holub

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General Information

Perennials, 7–15 cm (stems and leaves floccose-tomentose or unevenly glabrate, distal stems and bases of phyllaries brown-woolly; rhizomes creeping). Stems single or loosely clustered. Leaves basal and cauline; petioles wingless or weakly winged (1–4 cm); blades ovate to subrhombic, 1–3 × 1–2 cm, margins usually irregularly toothed, sometimes subentire (proximal cauline leaves similar, petioles winged; distal leaves smaller, sessile, clasping, bractlike). Heads 1(–2). Involucres ± abruptly contracted to peduncles. Phyllaries 13(–21), greenish (tips greenish or purplish, usually obscured by dense, brown indument), 7–10 mm. Ray florets (0–)13; laminae 7–12+ mm. Disc florets 30–50; corollas yellow or light yellow. Cypselae glabrous; pappi white or whitish. 2n = 48, 96.

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