Coreopsis rosea Nutt.
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Perennials, 10–30(–60) cm. Internodes (± mid stem) 1–4(–5+) cm. Leaves mostly cauline; opposite; petioles 0–1 mm, ciliate or not; blades lance-linear to linear or filiform, 20–45(–60) × 1–2(–3+) mm, rarely with 1–2 lateral lobes. Peduncles 2–4(–6+) cm. Calyculi of oblong to linear bractlets 1.5–2+ mm. Phyllaries deltate-ovate, 4.5–5.5 mm. Ray laminae pinkish to white, 9–15+ mm. Disc florets 40–60+; corollas ochroleucous to yellow, 2.5–3 mm. Cypselae narrowly oblong, 1.3–1.8 mm, not winged; pappi 0. 2n = 26.

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    "Glabrous, rhizomatous perennial 2–6 dm; lvs 2–5 cm, linear, ± entire or occasionally some irregularly lobed; heads rather short-pedunculate, the yellow disk 5–10 mm wide; outer invol bracts short, eventually spreading; rays pink (white), ca 1 cm; receptacular bracts linear, acute to obtuse; disk-cors 4-toothed; style appendages short and blunt; achenes narrow, wingless, ca 2 mm; pappus a minute cup, or nearly obsolete; 2n=26. Wet, often sandy or acid soil, or in shallow water; N.S. and Mass. to Ga., mainly on the coastal plain. Aug., Sept."

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