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Created byMarianne Le Roux
Creation date11/10/17 12:00 AM
DescriptionThe e-Flora of South Africa project was initiated in 2013 by the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) in support of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC, 2011-2020), Target 1 (to create a global Flora, consisting of ca. 350 000 species). South Africa's flora consists of ca. 21 000 species of which more than half are endemic. South Africa will contribute a national Flora towards Target 1 of the GSPC. South Africa's contribution is ca. 6% of the World Flora of which ca. 3% are endemics and therefore unique. South Africa’s electronic Flora is comprised of previously published descriptions. Permission to re-use extracts from published literature was obtained from the relevant copyright holders.
Publisher nameFhatani Ranwashe
Publisher emailf.ranwashe@sanbi.org.za
Keywordsaggregator portal  big data  BODATSA  BRAHMS  data mining  e-Flora of South Africa  World Flora Online  Aggregator portal  big data  BODATSA  BRAHMS  data mining  e-Flora of South Africa  inventory regional  World Flora Online
Referencee-Flora of South Africa. v1.21. 2018. South African National Biodiversity Institute. http://ipt.sanbi.org.za/iptsanbi/resource?r=flora_descriptions&v=1.21


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