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Descriptionhe Moss Flora of Central America attempts to treat all of the mosses known or reported from the region in the families Encalyptaceae through Orthotrichaceae. Also treated are two genera previously included in this group of mosses but now placed in the Dicranaceae. The flora is specimen‑based, and wherever possible type specimens have been examined. Type information is given for all species. The format used in Part 1 of The Moss Flora of Central America (Allen 1994) cited minimum type information, in this volume I have tried to exactly repeated the type information given in the original protologues. Not all type material has been examined. Examination of type material is indicated within the text by the citation of an Index Herbariorum, Ed. 8 acronym at the end of the type information.
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ReferenceMoss Flora of Central America. Missouri Botanical Garden. Accessed on Jun. 2020.


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