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DescriptionNomenclatural and classification information used for the initial data ingestion into the World Flora Online taxonomic backbone was provided by The Plant List Version 1.1 (September 2013). The data resources used to build The Plant List were contributed by: African Plants Database (Conservatory and Botanical Gardens of the City of Geneva and South African National Biodiversity Institute); GrassBase; The Global Compositae Checklist (International Compositae Alliance); The International Legume Database and Information Service; The International Organisation for Plant Information; International Plant Names Index (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Harvard University Herbaria, and Australian National Herbarium); The iPlants Project (Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, Missouri Botanical Garden, and New York Botanical Garden); Missouri Botanical Garden (Bryophyte Checklist, Checklist of Bolivia, Flora of China Checklist, Checklist of Ecuador, Flora Mesoamericana, Checklist of Panama, Checklist of Peru); Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Rosaceae), and World Checklist of Selected Plant Families. See "www.theplantlist.org/1.1/about/#collaborators" for further details.
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