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  • Marco Pellegrini

    Pontederiaceae is currently organized in two genera: Heteranthera and Pontederia. Pellegrini MOO, Horn CN, Almeida RF (2018) Total evidence phylogeny of Pontederiaceae (Commelinales) sheds light on the necessity of its recircumscription and synopsis of Pontederia L. PhytoKeys 108: 25–83. Pellegrini MOO (2017) Two new synonyms for Heteranthera (Pontederiaceae, Commelinales). Nordic Journal of Botany 35(1): 124–128.

    About: Pontederiaceae Kunth subordinate taxon / taxa   3 years ago
  • Marco Pellegrini

    Two new species of Heteranthera (plus the two transferred from Hydrothrix and Scholeropsis) are missing Pellegrini MOO, Horn CN (2017) Two peculiar new species of Heteranthera Ruiz & Pavón (Pontederiaceae) from Brazil, with notes on inflorescence architecture in the family. PhytoKeys 82: 35–56.

    About: Heteranthera Ruiz & Pav. subordinate taxon / taxa   3 years ago